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Mix Engineer & Producer

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I will work on your recording to make them sound deep, punchy and wide. I think dynamics are the most important part of a good sounding mix. My goal is to make YOUR Music sound as best as possibile.


Most of the time the recording sessions need some work to make them sound perfect. In this stage i will edit your tracks to make them sound tight, tune your chords and vocals, phase align the mic sources.

Full Production

With this service i will provide everything needed to make a song “real”. That means Tracking, Editing, Arranging if needed and of course Mixing.



Maurizio Borgna was born in 1977 when punk died. He's a passionate about music and good food and he thinks that there’s a big connection between mixing and cooking. Active in the European music scene since 2003 as a producer and recording/mixing engineer and label manager for 2 different Italian based indie labels, in 2010 moved to Berlin to improve his own skills and try to put a step into a wider and bigger market. In Berlin’s years he had a chance to work for artists like Johann Johannsson, Dustin O’Halloran, Efterklang, Agnes Obel and labels as !k7 Records, Universal Music, Sony Music, Hyperdub and many others and became a Mixing specialist. He recently moved back to his hometown, Torino, where he built a brand new production facility in partnership with Stefano Genta (Variables Music, Morning Glory). Born as a guitar player moved his passion into analogue synthesis and programming with a bad addiction to modular synths, he will never says no to a good dinner.

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